justGe.org - About

Hello everyone, it’s been really fun doing all of this justge.org business but after a year of it I’ve come to the decision of rebranding the website and myself. As you may have noticed, I have changed all of my accounts on other websites such as Newgrounds and YouTube as I felt the name ‘justGeorge’ wasn’t good enough: it isn’t very unique and to my surprise some other people already use it as their alias.

So, without further a do, I present Drawge! It’s a play on my name (even my initals) and what I do - drawing! That’s not to say I’m packing up animating, NO WAY! Drawge sounds snazzy and it has a relation to me so that’s what it shall be.

What’s happening to justGeorge/justge.org, You ask? Well, the website will be staying online for a quite a while yet so you can keep coming back here to watch videos, ect. I don’t want to focus on a Drawge website just yet, I want to make a myriad of videos and drawings for you all to enjoy first so it isn’t as dull as it is around here. I will be posting animations, drawings, perhaps comics and maybe even a bit of live action film in the very near future!

There are links to all of my social media accounts opposite so come see me on those! With that, I shall say goodbye and thank you for reading.

See you soon!